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Integrated Dairies are one of our far flung clients. Based in Nigeria they approached us after seeing work we’d done for a local client that operates globally. When they initially contacted us Integrated Dairies needed help with design for packaging.

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"We’ve worked with international clients before but usually we meet them at some stage during the project. With Intergrated Dairies all the communication has been by phone or email, fortunately the time difference is only an hour!"

Jane Entwistle
Creative Director


They were moving from bottles to TetraPak cartons and needed new designs for the packaging of a range of products, from milk to drinking yoghurts and smoothies. We also worked on all the promotional collateral to promote the launch of the new packaging.

Following the success of the package designs we created a new website for them; they wanted a modern and professional site to appeal to their audience of distributors. They felt they would struggle to get the results they were looking for working with a local agency and chose Entyce despite the distance because they had worked with us and felt confident we would deliver exactly what they were looking for.

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